Flu Shots by Trusted Professionals are a Simple Choice for Health This Winter

Health services vary for each unique neighborhood, but sometimes it is as simple as looking at what you are already doing and adding one seemingly small thing that can make a big difference to meet the health needs in your community.

Starting a health ministry can feel like a heavy chore to some. What can you do with limited time and resources? Where can you start? During the pandemic, how do you keep volunteers and those you serve safe? Brad Willis, one of the Ministers at Walnut Street Baptist Church in Louisville, Kentucky decided the Whole Health plan for an outdoor flu vaccine clinic, operated by Walgreens, was the perfect, simply and straightforward choice for his neighborhood’s needs.

Walnut Street Baptist is an historic church in Louisville’s Old Louisville neighborhood, known for their service to those in need in their neighborhood, so adding an additional service during their regular food pantry distribution was an obvious next step. With the help of our Whole Health Strategist, Brad decided the best health ministry for them would be a parking lot flu vaccine clinic, sponsored by Walgreens Pharmacy. In addition to the flu shots by Walgreens professional Pharmacists, and Walnut Street Baptist’s food pantry, Walnut Street hosted a Job One job fair hosting 20 employers to meet the needs of several neighbors. Lots of needs were met by many community members.

Because of the partnership between Whole Health, Walgreens and Walnut Street Baptist, 15 community members received flu vaccination and reduced their risk of illness, hospitalization, and possibly death, this flu season. Like Walnut Street Baptist Church, you may already be doing something that can be guided to an impactful health ministry in your community. Contact our Whole Health Strategist today. https://seedtooaksappointments.as.me/WHstrategycall

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