A Never Ending Process

Gregg McMullen, Neighborhood 360 Assessment Manager – Getting to know your neighbors is an ongoing process. One of the questions I often get asked is, “How many neighbors do we need to meet to complete the assessment process?”. I usually give two answers; the first is the practical answer of you need to meet enough of your neighbors to hear repeated patterns of what is really important to them. And the second is relational, you need to keep meeting neighbors until you know each and every one of them.
Both answers are true, but they serve two different purposes. The first answer is intended to get your church family activated and moving forward loving and serving those around you. The second answer is simply a reminder that we never truly finish the process of neighboring. In the last six weeks we have had three of our church partners truly take this to heart. Each church completed a Neighborhood 360° Assessment a few years back, and have now decided to refresh their assessment and mobilize their church families to go through the process again.
“With all that has changed over the last 2 plus years, what better time to take another deep look into both our neighborhood and our church family, so we can see where God is working and join Him.” 
I can’t wait to see how God uses the faithfulness of His church over the next days, months and years!

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