We can help with a critical need right now: a place to begin.

We share some actions we can all take, whether in our churches or business, to create more opportunities in our neighborhoods and to take a stronger leadership role in our communities.

Even with social distancing, church/business reopenings, and racial tension we can help your church or business with a critical need right now:  a place to begin.

Among the pressure that comes with COVID-19 demands, restrictions, and reopenings, many church and business leaders are experiencing for the first time the weight and pain of our nation’s racial tensions and history.  Many are asking questions for the first time about what they believe about inequality, racism, and the value of black lives.  Others are tired and frustrated, not because racism is new or sudden, but because they and their community have been on this journey for justice for as long as they can remember.

Many find themselves asking right now, what we can do?  There is noticeable pain, suffering and despair, yet we are also seeing an opening up to the good news of Jesus Christ.  As we press into our own pain and continue to serve and pursue others, we are reminded that God speaks.  He always uses conversations with others, who are different from us, to empower his people to greater understanding and action.

So, where do we go from here?  We feel the burden that we have something to offer and we can’t deny the pain of the divide in our country right now. What is your church or business doing to show the love and unity of Christ to those in your community that are hurting?  Below are three actionable steps you, your church, and/or your business can take right now to make an impact.

1. Join the conversation…

Leverage Your Influence is an ongoing conversation Seed to Oaks has been facilitating with socially driven executives, faith leaders, business owners, professionals and influencers that seek to make a meaningful contribution to their community.  Explore with others how your success can lead to real and lasting change.  Meet people where they are and join the conversation.   Our next conversation is scheduled for June 18, 2020 at 10am.

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2. Explore leadership in your community…

Rather than starting with speculation, first know the the story of your neighborhood and where leadership is needed. This step-by-step assessment will help you understand the genuine needs and dreams within your proximity, so that your efforts are effective.

You can also talk with one of our strategists about how to fill community gaps like the need for jobs, education, and healthcare.  We understand the unique challenges of taking this conversation to your workplace and/or faith community.  We’d love to share what we have learned.

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3. Be a learner…

Caring for the marginalized is the job of every believer; a fundamental part of Christian living. Download this booklet to learn the first principles of mercy, where God calls us to be ministers to people in need.

God’s presence and power enable us to step into other’s lives, not only with words but also with action, as we live openly, equitably, and generously together.  There are questions at the end for your personal reflection, small group, or bible study.

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