Deciding to Host a Health Clinic

The benefits of church health clinics go way beyond the doctor visit.

So, you’ve discovered that your neighborhood has health needs and you know that your faith community has access to health professionals. Now is a great time to begin the health clinic conversation with church leadership, since some of the most successful health clinics are in the fall and winter, due to seasonal ailments. A health clinic is one possible solution to your community’s health needs.

Hosting a health clinic will require the commitment of several church members and three to four months of planning, so you need the affirmation of the pastor and the support of church leadership before you begin to make this a successful health clinic. You need to talk to your church leadership.

A Whole Health strategist is here to help you overcome some of the challenges of talking to church leadership. There can be so many questions! Some pastors will quickly affirm the effort and others may not understand how hosting a clinic will advance the mission of the church.

Your can share with your church leadership that health clinics are visible and can reach hundreds of people, both inside and outside the church. Clinics help in ways beyond the health visit.

Health Clinics can help pastors fulfill the Great Commission.

Health Clinics can help churches make and grow disciples.

Health Clinics can help communities flourish.

Do not be discouraged if your pastor’s first response is not a quick affirmation. God is in control. We encourage you to share your health need findings and the health professionals who may be available.

Contact a Whole Health strategist today.

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