Is It Time To Host A Health Clinic?

In our Whole Health Clinic Manual, we guide you through deciding if hosting a clinic is right for you and your church. Is this a needed and wanted ministry in your community? The ministry may be right but you may not be the right person to lead it. Or, you may be the right leader but right now may not be the right time for your church to support it.

We offer you the advice to be honest with yourself about your church leaderships response to the idea of hosting a clinic. You want your church leadership to affirm your affinity, ability, and opportunity to lead the ministry.

*Affinity – Does meeting the health needs of the community resonate with you? Your church? Do you have a strong passion for this work? Is your passion equally strong to mobilize God’s people?

*Ability – Do you have the gift of organizing and ability to spur others to join this cause? Are you sober about your weaknesses? Do you have mature Christian character?

*Opportunity – Does your pastor(s) and community tell you that you are needed to lead this ministry? Does the church express and demonstrate a desire to host a clinic?

It takes a few months to build a leadership team and plan a clinic, so contact a Whole Health Strategist now to plan your health clinic on a date that works for you, or makes sense for your neighborhood.

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