Job Fairs Provide Encouragement for the Church, Community and Beyond

One of Third Avenue Baptist Church’s Pastors, and Job One spearhead, Ben Birkholz had this to say about his time working with Seed to Oaks and Job One’s initiative, “This partnership with Job One and Seed to Oaks has put much needed wind in my sails as a pastor amidst a difficult year in the 502 and truly is an encouragement for the entire church...Praying that you don’t grow weary in doing good”!

As things reopen after pandemic closures, one church has certainly not hesitated in taking advantage of the fall weather, sunshine, and outdoor events. Third Avenue Baptist, one of Job One’s newest, yet most ambitious churches, has been busy grabbing masks, employers, and job seekers to host effective and safe job fairs in their parking lot. After their first hiring event with employer Allied Universal on September 1st, Third Avenue’s impact has only grown stronger, adding both Yum! Brand’s KFC and the U.S Census Bureau  for their second job fair. Now they are expecting as many as nine different companies seeking potential employees to be present at their upcoming fall hiring event on October 30th, 2020. 

To begin to meet this community need, Third Avenue looked to their congregation and compiled a group of passionate volunteers that have been taking time out of their busy schedules and full-time jobs elsewhere to dedicate to the success of their program.  With 10 volunteers committed to their cause, Third Avenue’s Job One seeks to begin monthly job fairs in 2021. With nearly 75% of job seekers obtaining employment offers following Third Avenue’s first event, and 50% of job seekers applying on-site and receiving offers during their second hiring event, the church has set a high, yet achievable expectation for the coming year. 

Please contact Nikki Walker to begin planning the Job One experience for your business or church.

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