Let Us Not Grow Weary: Students Need You

Let’s face it, the past year has been the exact definition of “wearisome.” How can we take these words from scripture to “not grow weary in doing good” and be encouraged to press on to help struggling students when we are so tired ourselves? Read on for a fresh perspective as well as a straightforward plan for helping students in your community learn this summer.

A Challenge Lies Before Us

“Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” (Galatians 6:9).

I’m not going to pretend these aren’t hard words. Really, God?  After a year of craziness when most of us are doing well to keep our heads above water, you’re telling me not to grow weary in doing good?  How can you expect me to take care of others when I’m barely taking care of myself?

These are fair questions.  They’re ones I’ve had over the course of the past year.  We are weary, physically, emotionally, and mentally–and with good reason.  Even Jesus withdrew from ministry for periods of rest.  So how do we reconcile these two ideas that seem to be in contradiction, the need to rest and the challenge to keep doing good work?

God Will Give Us What We Need to Meet It

First of all, we have to remember where our source of strength lies.  1 Corinthians 12:9 tells us that God’s grace, not our strength is sufficient.  His power is made perfect in what?  Our weakness.  Could that feel like weariness?  Hmmmm.

I confess that when I’m looking forward to what I know will be a big responsibility, I feel the weight of its entirety instead of trusting that God will give me what I need to accomplish each step as it comes.  I don’t have to have the energy and resources now for something that is two weeks, to days, or even two hours away.  The bottom line is, if I am called to it, I can trust God to give me everything I need to fulfill that call in each moment.  Is God calling you to a good work?  When you step out in obedience to him, he will equip you for it.

Secondly, what if we’re looking at it from an all-or-nothing perspective?  What if resting and working aren’t two completely separate states of being, but intertwined?  Jesus grew weary and rested in the midst of ministry, but he didn’t walk away from it altogether.  Could he be modeling the balanced approach he would have us adopt?  Perhaps we can both work and rest in rhythms that help us not to grow weary.  Instead of saying “no” to a ministry opportunity, we can look ahead and plan periods of rest, being sure not to overload our schedule with too many other things and intentionally enjoying the lulls in between times of business.

How You Can Keep Doing Good Works for Local Kids

Where am I going with all of this?  It’s time for the challenge:  You and your church have an opportunity this summer to help students in your community get the academic support they desperately need to recover from COVID learning gaps.  They will face next school year perhaps less prepared than they’ve ever been in their lives.  You can provide a two-week Oaks Summer Academy program that will provide them with essential reading and math skills to help them fill in those gaps.  At your church they will find a safe, compassionate environment where they can build skills and confidence and also have some fun!

Will it take planning?  Yes.  Will it require time maybe you don’t feel like giving?  Yes.  Will it be worth it to do good to your neighbors, watching God give you what you need to do it?  YES!

Plus, we’ve made it as straightforward as possible to implement your Oaks Summer Academy.  Check out what’s included:

  • A manual to walk you through each step of planning and implementing the academy
  • K-5 curriculum designed by a licensed elementary teacher
  • A resource kit containing everything from registration forms to classroom supply lists, to volunteer training agendas
  • An Oaks Learning consultant who will be available for support throughout the process

Take Action and Trust God

Don’t you want your church to press on to do this good work?  Then consider a partnership with Oaks Learning. Your church can serve as a learning location for an Oaks Summer Academy. Help to bridge COVID learning gaps by bringing extended education to children who need it most and trust that God will enable you to do it!  To learn more, contact Oaks Learning Manager Julie Cordray at jcordray@seedtooaks.com.

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