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Mobilize your people to discover actionable insight into your neighborhood.


Discover critical insight into your community.

Rather than starting with speculation, first know the the story of your neighborhood and its residents. This step-by-step assessment will help you understand the genuine needs and dreams within your proximity, so that your people's efforts are effective.

With the help of your neighborhood strategist, your people will be mobilized to assess the following:

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Local History

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Community Values

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Spiritual Landscape

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Cultural Tensions

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Strategic Opportunities

A guided 3-step process

A proven approach that is straight-forward to implement, bringing a practical proclamation of the Gospel to your neighborhood.


Recruit your mobilization team.

Based upon specific principles, your Neighborhood Strategist will help you identify ideal church members to implement your Assessment.


Research your neighborhood.

Each member of your mobilization team will be assigned to manage a specific task, and together, compose a holistic neighborhood study.


Discover genuine local needs.

Pinpoint where the gifts of your people intersect with the needs of your neighborhood, enhancing your outreach efforts.

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What pastors are saying

"I can't say enough about Seed to Oaks.  The 360 Assessment will turn on light bulbs for your outreach efforts.  Your team will no longer be guessing what the neighborhood needs and your church will be better positioned to serve them."

Jamaal Williams
Lead Pastor at Sojourn Church Midtown
Louisville, KY

“We love working with Seed to Oaks. They’ve helped us know our neighborhood in new ways, and our leaders have greater clarity in empowering our members to reach more people.”

Bradley Bell
Lead Pastor at Antioch Church
Louisville, KY

"Working with Seed to Oaks is a great experience.  Their strategist helped our ministries to really understand our own neighborhood, so that we can serve our community in more direct ways.”

Ben Ward
Local Missions Pastor at Highview Baptist Church
Louisville, KY

“Seed to Oaks has helped us do more than we ever thought we could. Plus, they don’t take the credit.  The only name people in our neighborhood hear about is our church.  What a great way to advance the kingdom!”

Jonah Sage
Lead Pastor at Sojourn New Albany
New Albany, IN

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Neighborhood 360° Assessment

This step-by-step assessment will help your church understand the story of your neighborhood and genuine needs of its residents.

Neighborhood 360 Assessment