Putting Priority on Improving Community Relationships

A church partner in the Western United States is planning a move into a new building, only a few miles from where they are currently located, so they felt like now is a great time to do a Neighborhood 360˚ Assessment. As they interviewed community members, they quickly learned the neighbors were not very excited about “the judgmental church” moving in.
As a result they decided to continue the assessment process, but place a priority on simply meeting neighbors and not starting any programs until trust has been established. So often, when we try to solve problem we haven’t been asked to solve, we create barriers not bridges.
Pray with this church that they are able to build bridges of trust and hope. 1 Thessalonians 2:8 says “For we loved you so much that we shared not only the gospel of Jesus Christ, but our lives as well.” Love is a great bridge to build.

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