Seed to Oaks Salutes Our Nation’s Teachers

This past week the nation has honored the backbone of our educational system: Teachers. May 3-7 was set aside to recognize and appreciate the talent, dedication, and grit it takes to stay in the classroom and faithfully instruct the hearts and minds of the next generation. And after this year, boy do they deserve it!

I spent over 18 years in the classroom and teaching was challenging even on the good days.  I can’t think of another profession where life-impacting decisions have to be made as quickly, on a moment-by-moment basis, in the midst of 20+ other human beings who are often actively resisting your leadership.  And that’s just getting them to the bathroom.

Add non-traditional instruction, hybrid schedules, social distancing, mask-wearing, hand-washing, no-contact recess-ing and you have an environment where it is almost impossible to expect any learning to happen—almost.  Teachers said, “Not so fast.”  They did what they always do.  They took their passion for education, their love for their students, their “not my first rodeo” attitude and they kept going.  It’s been both beautiful and heartbreaking to watch.  The toll has been enormous.  But the fruit has been sweet.  COVID may have hindered instructional time, but instead of throwing up their hands and accepting defeat, teachers used their ingenuity to keep students learning by doing things like:

  • Creating “high five” sticks so students can continue to encourage each other while remaining socially distant
  • Teaching “Math in the Bath,” from a teacher’s home where problems are bath-themed and the shower door becomes the whiteboard.
  • Writing a school mystery with the staff as the suspects and the students as the detectives
  • Transforming kitchens into science labs
  • Organizing staff “parades” and driving by student homes to greet and encourage students

In their typical “outside the box” fashion, teachers took the limited resources they had and pulled off something amazing.

It’s not too late to look for ways to support and encourage the teachers in your community, especially as they enter the final stretch of the school year and aim to end strong.  Seed to Oaks’ We Love Teachers initiative provides practical ways to live out Christ’s love during a difficult time in education.  The manual includes everything needed to carry out the initiative and comes with the help of a consultant who can guide you through the process. If you’re ready to build bridges between your church and community by loving on local teachers, we’re ready help.  Contact Oaks Learning Manager Julie Cordray for a free consultation today.

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