Start Planning Your Health Initiative Now To Reach Neighbors In Spring

It is never the wrong time to start doing good for the sake of your neighbors. If your community lacks free resources for healthcare, consider health education class, a drive-through event, or a one-day health clinic at your church.

With so many people putting off preventative health care in 2020, it is likely that your neighbors need safe, effective care and your church can help with a socially distanced or parking lot health event. Offering a safe place to go and having a strong sense of referrals in your community can be just the thing your community needs to build trust with your church. Let’s take a look at your church’s health initiatives and how you might change or add to it, to meet the needs of your community members. With a Whole Health initiative, health in your neighborhood can improve, starting with your church, as neighbors begin regular healthcare rhythms and some, for the first time, enter the healthcare continuum of care.

Contact us now so that your church is trained and ready for a spring or summer one-day, charitable, health clinic. Our Whole Health strategist will guide you to better prepared to meet the health needs of your neighbors. After you visit the Whole Health page, schedule an appointment, or email our Whole Health Manager at to talk through your church’s first steps toward better health.

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