The Summer "Normal"

Summer is here!  With it comes a feeling of renewed energy and feelings of moving forward.  People in our ever- changing world, in our community and even on our own street have a common thought this summer…. let’s get back to “normal.”

We at Job One are hearing this phrase a lot in the last few weeks.  What does this mean?  People want to get out in the community again and also get back to work!  There are so many reasons for someone not having a job right now, the biggest being that the pandemic has brought with it so many uncertainties and complications. Issues such as parents staying home because of childcare issues, students being home from school, temporary and permanent closures of restaurants and businesses, not enough hours for employees at work and consumers staying safe at home.  All of this change has given us time to think about what is next and has also given us new possibilities, such as…  a new outlook on life, a possible career change, or a new job.

At Job One we are excited to get back out in the community, connect with our companies, and help get people back to work!  There are so many companies, restaurants, and local businesses looking for good employees.  Job One is here to help connect you to the opportunities, services, and resources that are available.

Let’s move safely forward this summer and enjoy the change that is happening around us and get back to work!

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