Third Avenue Baptist Supports Hard Workers Hailing from the Philippines

Third Avenue Baptist Church is a beacon of hope in Old Louisville. Led by Ben Birkholz and Atito Njagah, the Job One initiatives there are helping prepare their community members for success!

Job One is incredibly proud of its churches that have fostered individual job placement programs with the intent to support their congregations and communities. Third Avenue Baptist’s Job One, headed by Ben Birkholz and Atito Njagah, made that precise commitment to not only their own community members, but to a group of young professionals caught in Louisville on work visas in the shadow of the COVID pandemic, miles away from their homes in the Philippines.

Affectionately regarded as the ‘J1s’, Ben and Atito team took on these five young men and women with confidence and competence. In spite of the J1’s unique situation, which included limited work opportunities due to strict work visas and a cultural barrier, they eagerly accepted the assistance offered by Third Avenue Baptist.  As a result they were supported with new resumes and were provided with generous food donations to offset their lack of income.

Though not all of the J1’s obtained new employment, thanks to the efforts of Job One, they were able to maintain a sense of security during such a tumultuous time until they were able to return to their visa employers. The story of Ben, Atito, and the J1s is a wonderful reminder to love thy neighbor, even when your neighbors are not quite what you expected, especially during a time of need.

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