We Love Teachers (And So Can You)

Our Oaks Learning strategist will help you support teachers in your church or in communities schools.

Teachers. Are. Tired. On a good day, teaching is one of the most demanding jobs out there.  Throw in a pandemic and things become exponentially more challenging.  As one first grade teacher has put it, “I am physically exhausted with all of the additional duties added this year. The students and I are emotionally exhausted from having to deal with all of the new realities.” That’s why Seed to Oaks has developed We Love Teachers.

The We Love Teachers initiative is a customizable, five step plan designed to equip churches to provide practical, loving support to teachers in their communities.  One local church has implemented the initiative through small groups, who have adopted teachers for the year from nearby schools.  Another church is mobilizing its members in a variety of ways, from hosting appreciation luncheons and purchasing classroom items from teacher wish lists, to assembling and delivering care packages for individual teachers.

Here are some comments from teachers who have been blessed by We Love Teachers:

  • “Thank you for keeping me in your prayers! It means a lot to feel supported by my church. :)” (High School Teacher)
  • “Thank you for reaching out. Given the opportunity to fill out this [needs] form alone makes me feel appreciated.” (Special Ed Teacher)
  • “Thanks so much for our date night! It was much needed.”  (Middle School Music Teacher)
  • “Thank you for organizing this! It has really been encouraging!” (First Grade Teacher)

The We Love Teachers initiative provides practical ways to live out Christ’s love during a difficult time in education.  The manual includes everything needed to carry out the initiative and comes with the help of a consultant who can guide you through the process. If you’re ready to build bridges between your church and community by loving on local teachers, we’re ready help.  Contact our Oaks Learning Strategist for a free consultation. https://seedtooaksappointments.as.me/OLstrategycall

Watch a teacher testimonial here.

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