What Is a Health Clinic?

A health Clinic is a one-day event focused on mobilizing health professionals to provide free medical and dental care through local faith communities.

Health Clinics can range from very small to very large. A health clinic can be one church with one doctor and one nurse. It can be a community resource fair with all of the resources in the community invited. It can be multiple churches coming together with dozens of doctors, dentists, nurses and hundred of volunteers to serve their community. The size of your clinic is up to you and the capacity of your congregation. Some churches decide they can meet the health needs of their community with one clinic a year and others decide that they want one each quarter, or even monthly.

This clinic model is designed to mobilize faith communities to provide pro bono care to the entire community. Health clinics can include a large variety of healthcare providers who serve together to transform their church building into a one-day professional health facility.

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