You Are Not Alone Planning a Whole Health Clinic

Without good direction, people lose their way. The more wise council you follow, the better your chances. -Proverbs 11:14

When your church decides to move forward with a Whole Health clinic, you will not be alone to figure it out.  We have strategists who will support you through the planning phase.  One of the ways we can help is to guide you through the selection of your Clinic Lead Team. This team will be the people from within your faith community who oversee their own perspective areas of the clinic, based on the services that you will provide.

Building the best volunteer team possible is important to the success of your health clinic. You want to select individuals who have demonstrated:

-Biblical character

-Ability to work on a team

-Expertise in the area of needed leadership

Whole Health will provide a role description for the leadership team and you can think about who in your faith community has the time, ability and character to move your clinic and health ministry forward. This is the beginning of a growing opportunity. You will have people come and go from this team but the relationships made on the team will last longer than the clinic day.

Once you build your lead team you spend together planning and encouraging one another will allow you all to grow in your understanding of the ministry, fellowship and discipleship. On Clinic day, your team will have grown together through planning challenges and serving one another and this team building will allow you to be better prepared to serve your clinic guests.

If you are ready to start a clinic ministry at your church, or you just want to know more about health ministry possibilities, contact a Whole Health strategist and let’s talk about it.

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